Workshop/Tutorial Organizers

Important Dates

Action to be taken
February 15, 2013Link to webpage
March 15, 2013Number of interactive presentations
April 1, 2013Submission of PDF file


Workshop/Tutorials organizers are kindly asked to follow the instructions:

  1. Webpage of workshop/tutorial: Provide a link to the webpage of your workshop/tutorial by February 15th
  2. Schedule of your workshop/tutorial: Please align the schedule of your workshop/tutorial to the given schedule taking into account the coffee break times which are the same across all of ICRA conference and workshops/tutorials days.
  3. Workshop/Tutorial proceedings: As workshop/tutorial organizer, you are responsible for the review process, as well as initial and final submissions of contributions to your workshop/tutorial. Please collect all the material of your workshop/tutorial (workshop information, papers, abstracts, slides, …) and create a single pdf file of your workshop/tutorial. Your single pdf file should start with front page, description of the objectives of the workshop/tutorial, list of confirmed invited speakers and organizers information according to this template. Your workshop/tutorial single pdf file can be provided
  4. Deadline:  Your workshop/tutorial single pdf file should be submitted by April 1st 2013
  5. In addition to regular talks, ICRA 2013 will feature interactive workshop/tutorial sessions.
    • The format will be the same as for interactive paper presentations of the conference. Details regarding interactive presentations can be found here.
    • Four interactive sessions are planned on each of the workshop/tutorial days (Monday and Friday) with a maximum of 40 interactive presentations per session.  Please let us know as soon as possible and no later than March 15th which number of interactive presentations you plan to have at your workshop/tutorial.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you need further information.